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Boy Scout Troop 6
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“If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.”
- Yogi Berra

Scoutmaster's Goals for 2018

1.  Develop an annual plan for the year.

2.  Conduct 10 or more outdoor trips or activities in 2018.

3.  Increase the number of outdoor trips & activities compared to 2017.

4.  Attend a BSA Summer Camp.

5.  Participate in one or more outings with a Weblos Scout Den.

6.  As a patrol or troop, meet with at least one Weblos Scout Den for a meeting or open house. 

7.  Earn at least one outdoor-related merit badge per scout.

8.  Conduct at least one Leave No Trace program in 2018.

9.  Advance 4 or more Scouts one rank.

10.  Conduct four or more service projects and record in JTE website.
11.  Patrol Leaders Council meets each month. 

    12.  Conduct Patrol Leader Training  (ILST).
    13.  Hold Two Courts of Honor.

14.  Earn the Journey to Excellence Bronze Award. 

    15.  Earn the National Outdoor Challenge Award. 

        Journey To Excellence Award

National Outdoor Challenge Award